Our manifesto is of trust and satisfaction based on the assumption of a limited knowledge.

1. Gift of the present, greeting from the future

There is this charming quote, that reminds us about life, which is to live our life in the only moment we can live it in, this one.

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That’s why we call it present.
Eleanor Roosevelt

The moral of the quote is a good starting point for a few thoughts on PreSent Technology that we would like to share with you.

Life is a gift, a present. In every moment it is granted, a new package is delivered, and in every moment we may discover it, we can choose to discover it in a more positive way.. In every moment, the most precious thing we will ever possess is ready for us, by our freedom to choose. We can ignore this gift, maybe overlook or discard it, or maybe accept it enthusiastically. Nevertheless, in a moment,a new package will be there again, and available to be opened as we choose to do.A moment can be a present for a positive way, where we have the freedom, to choose.

Life can only be lived in the Present.
Our minds are occupied by memories,, daily routines, possible plans and worries which very often do not manifest themselves and of which rarely prove to be anything more than distractions.

We have named our technology PreSent
and there are reasons why. In the name „PreSent “ there is the appreciation of the gift of life, acceptance acceptance of the moment, and in the name PreSent, there is the literal meaning of“sent ahead“, (pre-sent). A greeting from the future.

2. Knowing, not knowing

By PreSent, we mean a technology that works and is effective. We can experience the effects of PreSent, we can feel it andeven measuring it is possible.

What we cannot do is put it in a box and explain it within the realms of our understanding and the capabilities of science.

But does it mean that the technology is not there at all? Can something not exist just because we cannot detect it with our instruments and our minds? Are the limits of our explanatory models the limits of our world?

We at PreSent are convinced that this is not so.

It is our view that we can humbly use our technology to the use and benefits to serve and provide assistance to others for the present and future generations.

The treasure of human experience,discovery and technology is growing at a breathtaking speed: Telecommunications, transportation, medicine, data processing, nutrition, energy production, philosophy etc., … we, asumanity have been awarded with many possiblities which can be used in a positive way in the interest of all life and the creation itself.

Being endowed with the abilities to communicate with each other across continents from screen to screen in real time, having palm-sized devices that contain the entire knowledge of all the world’s libraries, having obtained the possibility to read the entire genetic makeup of every human being from a single hair, and traveling to distant planets in flying machines, how would science have judged someone just 100 years ago who dreamt about these possibilties and believed they were realistic?

Not only is our knowledge growing, but it is also changing. We have to discard much of what we thought was actual.

Columbus called Native Americans „Indians“ because he was convinced he had landed in India. When steam locomotives were invented, it was predicted that passengers on the trains would die at 30 kilometers per hour because their organs would fail. The tranquilizer thalidomide was prescribed for years for morning sickness before it was realized that it severely damaged embryos. FFP2 masks, as we now know, do not protect against Corona viruses.

Our answers are altogether more temporary in nature than we think. What we think is right today may be wrong tomorrow. What we consider unthinkable today may be taken for granted tomorrow.

This has always been the case, and this will always be the case, and this is a great challenge for us as human beings, a as long as we define ourselves by our minds and as long as we measure everything with skepticism that is outside the perception of our minds, the unthinkable will remain an impossibility but it does not have to be so.

3. Making peace

Why is that so? Why do we elevate our current state of knowledge based on presumptions to such high authority?

Maybe it’s because knowledge feels like power. The conviction of having understood something makes our mind believe that it is in control of that something.

There is nothing our mind loves more than the feeling of control. Control gives it so much support that no matter how deceptive the feeling may be, our mind accepts it.

Now PreSent Technology is here.
We can perceive its effects. We can even measure its effect. But can we explain its mechanisms of how it does what it does? No, we cannot.

Trying to understand how PreSent Technology works could overwhelm our minds. To accept the reality of PreSent Technology is to make peace with it and understand there are some areas where our given knowledge is limited but this should not deter us from the receiving the benefits of the availablities of it.

The universe is extremely indifferent to which of its parts or dimensions we can measure, explain, wrap our minds around, or understand.
It also does not play the slightest role in the happiness of our lives.

As soon as we have made peace with the not-knowing, new paths may open up for our development and understanding.

4. Charging

The Essence of PreSent Technology is based on quantum physics. It deals with the in-between space that separates and connects atoms. PreSent Technology is capable of changing the connection between atoms because it is able to program and energize this in-between space.

Programming and energizing it are part of our day-to-day functioning. It is something completely normal that we all perform on a daily basis.
Let’s take the example of a letter.

Fountain pens used to write text on paper energize the paper. The paper becomes the carrier of a message, of thoughts, of information, and thus of energies. You could say: the paper is energized.

Who would call a piece of paper with a few curved ink lines a love letter? This piece of paper connects hearts, makes people cry and laugh, and changes entire lives. Is it the paper that changes lives? Or the energy brought forth by it?

But paper is not the only tool we energize. One can apply colors, images, and letters to sheet metal, stone, wood, and many other substrates. Microchips made of silicon can be loaded with information that makes them run computer programs or even write texts or paint pictures with artificial intelligence like magic, resulting in texts and pictures bearing a higher level of quality than even human-made ones.

Now there are people – and we at PreSent are among them – who are convinced that there are many different ways of programming and energizing and that many more substances can be treated in a much more magical way than we have been aware of so far.

We at PreSent are convinced: The principle of paper and ink can be applied much more freely, much further, and in much more fascinating ways than we can prove today with the current means of science.

That does not mean we will not be able to prove it one day.

5. Accepting doubt

At this point, we could say:
We at PreSent trust science, people’s striving for new knowledge, and pushing the boundaries of our not-knowing.

We trust the principle of striving towards novelty – that deeply human curiosity on which every improvement in science has been based. We trust that science is open to questioning its own results. We trust that science is dissatisfied with its progress, and we trust the power of this dissatisfaction, as that is what keeps our minds moving. We trust that science makes no claim to finality, but it works with the awareness that the longing for satisfaction that drives it at its core remains unfulfillable.

We trust the greatness of science to always leave enough room for self-doubt and self-monitoring.

PreSent Technology is part of our present as a gift from the future. We may accept this gift with our minds and with our hearts; we may doubt and marvel at the same time, all the while remaining skeptical and open at the same time. We may be grateful for the gift of the present and kindly return the greeting of the future in kind.

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